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1.7 million people are insured through Washington Apple Health or private insurance offered through Washington Healthplanfinder

*Source: Washington Health Benefit Exchange Spring 2019 Enrollment Report Data;

Our state has built a public-private marketplace in a bipartisan manner that has been operating successfully to serve 1,700,000 people - 

65 percent of consumers who get private insurance through Washington Healthplanfinder receive federal subsidies. 

One in Four Washingtonians


Financial help

Over $500 million a year in federal subsidies to help cover the cost of private insurance offered through Washington Healthplanfinder.

$200 - $299

$300 - $399


*Source: Washington Health Benefit Exchange April 2017 APTC & CSR Enrollment Data


Medicaid Expansion

Over 600,000 Washingtonians have enrolled in Washington Apple Health as part of the expansion of Medicaid 

*Source: ProviderONE ODS Data Warehouse based on total Medicaid expansion adults as of February 2019.


Build From the Investment

$300 million in federal grant dollars have been invested in Washington's public-private marketplace.


Washington Healthplanfinder effectively provides for both public and private insurance options, facilitates enrollment, supports carrier participation, and improves risk across the market. During the open enrollment period, every 30 seconds 1 Washingtonian is securing their coverage using Washington Healthplanfinder.


Our marketplace is ideally positioned to leverage opportunities provided by change to bring more to those we serve.

*Source: Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner


In the News

"There has been an over $300 million investment made to create one of the country’s top marketplaces and ensure easy enrollment for Medicaid and commercial insurance consumers.  We don’t want that investment to go to waste."

Mike enrolled in health insurance through Washington Healthplanfinder


"I’ve used Washington Healthplanfinder since its inception and it has given me quality health insurance at a reasonable price."

Rian enrolled in health insurance through Washington Healthplanfinder


"I got a low-cost plan. It covers check ups, ER, everything. It wasn't a big deal, it just worked."


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Andrew enrolled in health insurance through Washington Healthplanfinder


"As a musician, I'm self-employed. Back when I didn't have health insurance, it was a concern. I tried to stay healthy but there was always the worry that some kind of accident may happen. Now I'm covered and I can focus more on my music."



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